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Spicy, Sweet, Sour...
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Your Finest Jeera Soda Served Next Door!

The Bubalus Beverages journey from bean to cup started back in early 2018. It was an effort to serve a truly international experience right into your neighborhood. Ever since we’ve grown to be a group of passionate people who not just want you to enjoy your jeera soda but have a great time with us.

Spicy, Sweet, Sour… All At Once!

Jeera Masala Drink, which has now emerged as our flagship product.

The uniqueness of the product lies in its taste and mouth fullness, achieved through the addition of spice extracts.

Cumin, for exmple, is said to Health with Digestion.

It gives me great pleasure to contribute to the community with the best Jeera Soda in town and a place to build relationships.

Bhavesh. Owner.

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Unit No. F/4, Hira Hari Industries, Vasai East, Palghar, Maharashtra

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